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Hello, my name is Inka Mackenbrock. In my school days, I was often caught daydreaming. How instead of doing my homework, I would look out the window and dream. Or telling myself crazy stories that played out in the meadow and forest in front of our house. Despite the dreaming, I ended up in Kampala, Uganda after my Master’s degree with the idea of doing something good. Due to my many stays abroad, I tried to understand people with different perspectives, cultures and backgrounds, to put myself in their shoes and to live with them. One thing has become especially clear to me: Being human is the same everywhere. But only by understanding other people, can we awaken an appreciation for other ways of life, and promote tolerance and empathy. My goal is to give children an awareness of humanity and to equip them with curiosity, courage and self-confidence. In my children’s books I address these themes through imaginative stories.

The children’s book – A Star on the Sandy Beach – is suitable for reading aloud and independently up to the age of 8. It is illustrated with colorful pictures and the main characters are international, so the book is also particularly suitable for bi-national families. It has 18 pages and is paperback.

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