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We are a group of scholars

Editors, authors, film-makers, and graphic designers. Founded in 2015, We specialise in basic research, general editorial assistance including scholarly editing, ghostwriting and assistance with publication. We also run Yellow Berries; a special publishing house dedicated to children’s books.

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Latest Best Selling Book

A star on a sandy beach

The two girls Jala and Mira helping a star to shine for all humans. The story conveys the importance of having responsibility for each other.

Latest Best Selling Book

Between Windows

The story conveys empathy and belonging

Ina and Tibault come from two different worlds and meet for the first time in Ina’s window frame. In the middle of the night, they see a glow falling down the sky, which appears magical. In search of the glow, they meet Filo, on whose back they try to save the humans. 

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