About Us

We are a group of scholars, editors, authors, film-makers, and graphic designers

Founded in 2015, we specialise in basic research, general editorial assistance including scholarly editing, ghostwriting and assistance with publication. As an industry, research and publishing are still underdeveloped in East Africa—and Uganda more specifically. Very few books are published annually across the region. This not just because publishing is not exactly lucrative, but also because the players have tended to be slow. We seek to prioritize speed while retaining quality. Our ambition is to publish high quality relevant research and stories driven by topic and substance: histories, political intervention, liberationist poetry – from African vantage points, but with an acute openness to multiculturalism.
We also run Yellow Berries; a special publishing department dedicated to children’s books of all ages.

Our Team

Yusuf wrote The Snake Farmers (2015), a play which is read in Ugandan and Rwandan secondary schools. An essayist and columnist, Yusuf is also a filmmaker, publisher and editor who formerly worked with Fountain Publishers Ltd. He is a scholar with immense research experience on agrarian studies (land and extractives) conflict, violence and nationalism, and wrote his PhD on secessionist nationalism in Somaliland.

Yusuf Serunkuma
Essayist & Columnist

Joseph holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Coventry University and a PhD in Social Studies from Makerere University. A researcher with immense experience in violence, conflict and cultural studies, Joseph leads the research team of EHF.

Joseph Kasule
Head Of Research

Painter, blacksmith, carpenter, and software engineer, Apollo is one of East and southern Africa’s most celebrated creative designers. He has done graphic work for newspaper, magazine and book publishers across East and southern Africa. He has designed materials for the tourism, sports, and fashion industries and his work has been hailed for its creative and artistic breakthroughs. He leads our graphic designs department.

Apollo Mabongo
Graphics Designer

With over 35 years of teaching and scholarly work specifically at the Literature Department of Makerere University—English language, Luganda, and Literature—Prof. Kiyimba is a scholar and author of world-renowned.

Prof.Abasi Kiyimba

An educationist and curriculum specialist, Deo is a renowned author, filmmaker, and dramatist. Deo teaches English language and Literature in secondary schools in Uganda and was working as an author with Fountain Publishers before joining EHF.


Studied education at the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), and has been involved in printing businesses around Kampala for over ten years. An activist with political ambitions, Sirajje runs our day-to-day operations.

Sirajje Kifampa

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